One of an important decisions in your life other than marriage, setting up a business, etc. deciding to work abroad. It’s not easy to leave back your hometown and start working in a new culture, with new faces and traditions. On the other hand, it’s not as easy as it sounds like to apply for a vacancy. Daily, there are thousands of individuals applying for various overseas jobs. Thus, you should post an attractive and convincing curriculum vita to attract an employer and highlight yourself from others. This is where you would hear the words ‘working permits’. Check this link to gain information about work permit in Australia if you received a jof=b offer from a company in Australia.
If you are working in your own country this is not required. However, for foreign employees this is a documentation that grants you access to that country. If you are planning to search for a job abroad or you have got an offer, here are some questions you might have. These frequently asked questions and answers, would be helpful for you to clear your doubts:
A. What is work permit?
This is a legal document that is issued on two occasions:
– If you’re a under the age of 18 years, you need this permit to work.
– On the other hand, foreign employees who wish to work abroad have to obtain the work permit to enter that country for employment.
B. What is the difference between the two?
– In some cases minors under the age of 18 years do not have to apply for a permit to apply for a full-time or part time job.
– Foreign employees should fulfill the requirements of both the visa and permits that are set by the government of a country. It’s very hard to get approval for this visa if you’re a foreigner.
C. What are the requirements that you should know, when you plan to apply for the permit?
There are some essentials that you are to submit to the immigration department, to obtain a work permit. Here’s what you would be needed to do:
– Provide convincing evidence of your return back to your country at the end of the term of employment.
– Providing proof of credentials such as education qualifications, trainings certificates, employment history, etc.
– Showing your financial accounts to confirm that you are able to back up and support yourself during the period of employment.
– Providing correct medical reports of your health condition and report of criminal offences (proving that you’re lawful person).
– Providing additional papers and facing interviews prior to the approval of the visa.
These are some of the most inquired doubts from individuals, interested in working abroad. You might have other questions, for which, you could visit the websites of the embassy for more information.