If you are someone who always strive to achieve nothing but the best, then you know what it feels like to be coming up with a great output and the need to be successful, the need to complete something, the need to gain, the need to solve happens to be the motivation behind this struggle and among this, there is another instance where another person strives to achieve something out of mad passion which can be called as the obsession to achieve something.
Any person or organization that works to achieve a good design in its building or outdoor open area would mostly hire landscaping contractors to come up with amazing designs and architecture. There will be people who design things out of motivation and there is another set as I mentioned above who works its art into actual work out of passion and obsession and it is this second category people who will always end up creating innovative things where people will always appreciate or admire in the long run. Here you go with 3 of these amazing places that never grow old due its designs, maintenance and historical importance.
1) Garden of Louis XIV
This garden of Louis the Kind XIV in Versailles is probably one of the most important places in France, this was initially designed by the Andre Le Notre and if you view it over a chopper view, you’d see how beautifully the garden is designed with a variety of bush patterns and grass drawings. This has been assigned to landscaping contractors in Dubai to be maintained on point and if you visit the palace, any day of the year you’ll see people cutting down bushes or watering the garden as it is maintained at a regular basis.
2) Athens City Centre
The way this city center was designed based on a competition phase into restyling the Greek capital. All the designs were focused on the Greek culture with a variety of arts in and around Parliament building, university to give it a more classic look with a modern touch. The other principle into this design was wholly based on sustainability of it.
3) Columbus Circle
This is one of the most significant places in Manhattan as it is used to measure the distance from the New York City. The most recent recreation that was made on to this was by Olin who transformed a few rings of movement and light into it along water splashed to give a much more elegant look to it.
These are some of those places created out of passion which is why people admire the beauty of these designs due to its novelty.