The work place is all about psychology. So once you know how the mind works, then you can get your employees to work harder by putting in the right things where they can see. So try out some of these plants in your workplace (after checking for allergies) and see your profit levels rise.

No one wants to work at a dirty and old workplace. So apart from occasional refurbishing, you will need to add a plant or two of the fragrant kind (lavender, scented geranium, honeysuckle, gardenias and mint) to make your employees feel like they are working at a good environment. There are also plants that clean the air like dracaena, ficus, peace lily, bamboo, garden mum and spider plant which will actually make your environment be better than the one outside the doors of your workplace and keep your employees healthy. So here are some plants that come recommended by office interior design companies in Dubai.

● Areca palm tree

Going with the scientific name Dypsis lutescens, this plant is a major air cleaner and will make sure that the flu that always ends up circulating throughout the workplace never ends up visiting all of the departments in your workplace. It requires direct light but not too much care so you can water it occasionally and keep it right next to the window and let it be. The plant comes with large fronds which sometimes reach 6 feet so you can use this in areas where you want to hide the ugly parts of the workplace too. It filters airborne particles very effectively.

● The peppermint place

The famous Mentha x piperita, which we encounter in different forms and a daily basis, actually stimulates your brain apart from refreshing your breath and body. It also requires direct light and very little care (if at all). If your employees are interested in having one in their cubicles you can have the one of the office interior fit out companies in Dubai you hired to distribute tiny plants themselves. Sniffing this place will enhance your brain activity and also increase your focus. It also decreases the appetite so your employees will have no excuse to take more than the given time for lunch.

● English ivy

This plant is relatively unknown but it also does a great job cleaning the air in your workplace. It does not require direct light and prefers indirect light actually, so you can keep it anywhere in the workplace (the washroom for an example) and the ease of taking care of the plant makes it a great addition. According to a study done about this plant, it has been found out that it absorbs volatile organic compounds that is emitted from computers and workplace machinery. This will relieve a lot of headaches in the workplace.

Put a useful plant or two inside your workplace to make the place look great and also make your employees feel better.