You do not have to live with stress
Today stress has become a part of our day to day lives. We live in an era where people are constantly stressed. There are many who need to take medicine or attend counselling session in order to combat the trauma and illness that can be brought on by excessive levels of stress. Further, stress also results in reducing the productivity and efficiency of the individual. Thus, stress proves to be counterproductive. While we are stressed as we might have too many things to do and not enough time, we end up being stressed out. This can lead to very low performance levels. This in turn results in us being further stressed out as we will now have to redo what we have done.
Bring in more organization into your life
An important way of combatting stress is by being more organized. You might find yourself running around the room trying to find the printer toner, rummage for hours through your messy closet for a pair of jeans or have difficulty finding a document among the piles of files and papers on your table.
This results in you running out of time and as a result increasing stress levels. Thus, by keeping your desk tidy, keeping your printer toner or HP cartridge well stocked and hanging up your jeans neatly, you will not waste time and ending up feeling stressed out and disgruntled.
The importance of prioritizing
Further, it is very important to prioritize. You will have to make a time table either by literally drawing one up or at least having a mental note of the order in which you have to complete tasks. This will ensure that you complete your work on time instead of wasting time on something else. Thus, you can make sure that you complete the essay that needs to be handed in this week, instead of working on a project that is due two months hence.
Know where to draw the line
It is important to pay attention to little things that we can do in order to combat stress more effectively. This might at times require a change for the better in our schedules or our behavioural patterns. It is important to take on only what we know that we can handle. Though you might be someone who likes to try out many things, you have to be realistic and know where to draw the line. Thus, if you are already juggling two jobs and reading for a degree, you might want to reconsider taking on another project. If not, you will be a jack of all trades and master of none, as you will be too stressed out to perform well.