If you are a foodie, like a lot of people, that absolutely loves food but just cannot afford all the good food out there, there are a few creative ways that you might be able to get all that food for absolutely free while actually making some money off it too. If you are creative enough you might have the chance to sample food from the best food outlets around without having to pay a single cent for it. However it isn’t completely free of work. You will need to work pretty hard for the payment of getting the chance to experience some of the best food around but it can be a pretty interesting experience however you will need to be a good writer.
Starting a food blog
A food blog is a blog where you explore all the different kinds of food available at some of the best restaurants in your area and give your readers an honest unbiased opinion of the food that you have tasted. Chances are that you will gain a following of a few hundred readers within the first few hours of your blog because most people love to eat and they love to read about food too.
When different restaurants in Oud Metha start to hear about your blog and how popular it is becoming chances are, they will start inviting you to their outlets to sample the different varieties of dishes on their menu. As different food places in your area start to hear about how popular your blog is and how many views your blog is getting you might find that they even might be interested in advertising on your blog. Consider having advertising space on the two sides of your blog and a banner type add at the top of your blog. Chances are that these outlets and other businesses related to food such as cupcake baking supplies, cooking equipment and kitchen equipment supplies might be willing to pay quite a lot of money to be able to directly advertise to their target market through your blog.
Of course, your blog will need to include more information that just what you think of the food. You will need to include information about the menu and the rough price range of the food per person. While this is likely to vary from group to group you might be able to come up with rough figure that will be able to give your readers rough idea of how much they may have to spend when visiting that particular outlet.