Everyone loves to travel. There are only a few people who don’t have interest in travel. Five to six hours drive is fine but whenever we get chance to fly, every time it brings an opportunity to have fun and gather experiences as much as possible. Traveling is always a pleasure for us. We gather lots of memories from a new place. Relaxation is necessary for everybody and nothing in this world can help to relax more than traveling. Few people love to go at coastal areas; some of them love hill stations; many people want to visit forest. But going to a desert safari is always different from all these.
Morning desert safari is always an exotic experience which is only centered in few desert areas of the world. If you are dreaming about desert safari, don’t wait. Just pack your stuffs and go ahead. If Dubai is your favorite destination then you have to carry a heavy amount with you because it will be little expensive if you want to enjoy every part of Dubai desert safari.
Not only morning desert safari, but desert safari also runs in evening and midnight. You can taste the authentic Arabian cuisine in during night desert safari. You can also enjoy the gleaming sunset. Don’t forget to take camel ride. Enjoying belly dancing in the tent at night on the desert is an incomparable experience.
Many tour operators in Dubai offer camel ride for the tourist in comparatively low price. Many people want to enjoy desert safari in morning at a leisurely speed which is less adventurous than the other medium. It’s always done in team and a professional camel herdsman will always be with you. He will ensure the safety because maximum of us is not experienced in camel riding. He will take the responsibility to take you back safely in your destination. You can go for sand boarding and biking which are considered as exotic desert activity. Desert safari in Dubai is a must. Tour operators will pick you up from the hotel in a 4×4 to the desert area. The adventure starts with dune-bashing where a skilled driver will go up and down the red sand dunes on a roller costar ride.
You need not be an adventurous person to go to a desert safari. Desert is also the place of nature lovers. You also can choose Dubai for your honeymoon trip and enjoy desert safari with your newly weeded lady. Dubai is the only Middle East city which attracted tourists from worldwide. Apart from lavish lifestyle Dubai has something in its desert to attract people like you and me. It attracts the young generation most because desert safari is not meant for the elderly people.