Eating is a pleasurable activity. Eating out is an even greater enjoyment. Many of us have a great affinity for food. When we dine out, it is an event – one that should be experienced in the optimal fashion. All restaurants, however, are not created equal.

There are some things that set the top restaurants apart from their lesser contemporaries. These details are sometimes subtle and almost imperceptible. Other times there are rather obvious, if not glaring. Here are some particulars that set the great eateries apart from the rest:

Excellent Service

This means that from the moment you step through the doors of the restaurant, your every need is catered to. You should be greeted warmly, your reservation easily found, and you should be promptly shown to your table. The wait staff should be knowledgeable about the specials, wines, and most of the food and drink on the menu. You must not have to wait more than a couple of minutes if you wish to be attended to. There should also be an adequate ratio between waiters and waitresses and the number of tables present. Even if the restaurant is busy, the service should not suffer.


The ambience that is created in a restaurant affects the food a great deal. This is why the décor of a restaurant matters. It does not necessarily have to ostentatious or even original. It does, however, have to be tasteful. The restaurant needs to be beautifully decorated and the furnishings must complement one another. The walls, the floors, the table settings must all quietly hint at elegance and style. The overall personality of the restaurant should be reflected in its ornamentation.


There is nothing more disappointing than hearing about top restaurants only to discover that it is subpar. A good restaurant should be consistent with its quality in service. It should exude excellence at all times, not just on occasion. The maintenance of a certain standard is how an exceptional restaurant shines above the rest. You must have no doubt that despite the time of day or year that you visit, this restaurant will uphold a high standard.

Timing and Co-ordination

There should be a seamless integration of service between the kitchen staff and the waiters. Waiters must promptly report to the kitchen once they have noted the orders of their patrons. In a similar fashion, the chefs should inform the waiters the instant that the meal has been cooked. Food should not be left unattended, cooling in a corner. The exchange of information should also be flawless. All the instructions relayed to the waiters by the patrons should be communicated to the chefs, verbatim. Wait staff should also be aware of the goings on of the kitchen. They can then inform their customers should a certain item on the menu not be available for the meal.


The menu should be attractive and well bound. This is, after all, your first introduction to the food. It should also be properly organized and be easy to read by the patrons. The descriptions on the menu should be as detailed as possible. This way people can make informed decisions about their food and not be disappointed when their meal arrives.