Pillow cases are one of easiest things to make and also one of the most fun stitching projects to undertake. You can choose your own materials in a variety of colours and patterns and then use a combination of colours to make the pillowcases look amazing. Making pillow cases is a great chance to let your inner designer go free. So here are some ideas on making pillow cases in different sizes and patterns.

· Buying materials

It does not matter whether you are using a Juki sewing machine, singer sewing machine or just a regular one if you get your primary materials wrong. You will either end up with a too small pillow case (which should probably get converted into a cushion cover) or a too big pillowcase if you get the measurements wrong. For the standard size and queen sized beds pillow cases usually one yard of fabric is enough to make one pillow case. For the pillows that come with the king sized beds, you will need 1.25 yards of fabric.

· Cutting the material

Before you to the fun part where you are using your stitching machine you need to have the materials cut up and aligned properly.

● For a standard pillowcase the fabric should be 41 inches in width and then 31 inches in length.

● For a queen sized bed pillowcase the width is to be 41 inches while the length is to be 25 inches.

● Lastly, for a king sized bed you will need fabric cut up to 41 inches in length and then 41 inches in width too.

Then grab that cut up piece of fabric (put the printed side of the fabric or the side that goes to the front, downwards) and then fold the edges of the fabric 0.5inches down on the width side. Then iron in place to keep the fold. Then fold this over again by 4 inches and iron again to hold that fold and stitch it in place. Then sew along the other edge of the width and one edge of the length with 0.25 inches of seam allowance used

· Using the Juki sewing machine Dubai to make the pillow case

Then place your raw pillowcase and cut off the edge of the bottom right hand corner but do not cut the stitches in place. Then from that place onwards trim off about 1/8th of an inch around the two sides and bottom edge.

Then turn the pillowcase inside out so the print or the good side is inside and then put stitch along the right edge and the bottom edge keeping a 0.25inch seam. These two seams must be the same ones that were stitched earlier.

Then when you turn the whole thing inside out again to get your printed side outwards, you should have beautiful French seams.