From the setting of a living room to the print on a food carton, from glamorous advertising to designing of websites and computer software, our lives are intertwined with art and design. If you’re a degree holder in a field of art, you needn’t worry as you are most likely employable in any of the fields imaginable. Creative people are the ones who will come up with something new. It is the creative ones that changed the world. If you’re a passionate, creative and an artistic individual, don’t worry, you don’t have to be good with numbers or words, and you have ample opportunities to be successful. The question is that which field of design would best suit you as it is a very vast field. Given below are a few fields that you could consider if you’re hoping to become a career designer.

Graphic designing

This field of design is all about virtual art. It is about combining text and graphics to communicate an eye catching or an effective message. It is mostly about designing brochures, magazines, leaflets and banners for printing and also about cartoon designing and film making. If you are to enter this field of design you need to have a sound knowledge on graphic designing software like CorelDraw, Photoshop, page maker, 2D and 3D animation, 3D studio max etc.

Fashion Technology

This is a highly evolving field of design as it has already crossed domestic borders and reached the international level. Initially, designers sketch their ideas of fashion and clothing on paper and later turn them into the form of clothes. Most of the universities around the world offer degrees and diplomas in fashion technology as it is in high demand and highly profitable.

Interior designing

This is a field of design in which designers find solutions for clients’ problems of managing space and laying out the setting within a building, house or a structure. To enter the field of interior design, you need to have a good sense of space management, a good eye for material and a creative ability to utilize the space according to the client’s needs.

Interior design requires human skills such as humility, patience and sociability as well as it involves dealing with people.

Automobile designing

This is a field of design that require a lot of hard work, a lot of imagination and very good knowledge of automobiles and their structures. There’s considerably a very high level of competition in the automobile and industry and designers are expected to come up with new and useful models to capture the market.