More than anything, it is important that you make sure you are actually offering something with intrinsic value on your website. It doesn’t have to be a product, or even a service which is paid for. For example, a blog doesn’t have any products or services. However, the value of the content in the posts is still present. The first step to turning your own website into something absolutely beautiful is to consider the value of the content. Design of the site is important too, but so is the content. Looking good is only half the struggle. Having something worth staying for under the beautiful exterior? That’s the whole point of having a website. If you can look at your page objectively and figure out there is something worthwhile to a visitor, you have struck gold. If you can’t, fix that issue before moving on to the actual design phase. Link here for more information about email marketing.

Stop being annoying

When you visit a website, do you really want to hear the sound of a game playing or a video loading, without even having clicked on it? This can be intensely annoying, and is an aspect of web design that is frowned upon by your peers. Never allow sleaziness to take over your design ethics. Just because there is auto loading for sound and video doesn’t mean that you have to use it in the design of the site. In addition to this, there are people who turn their websites into big flashing neon billboards that light up your room if you navigate to it at night. This is a terrible thing to do, because all that visual noise is enough to drive most interested visitors away. You simply can’t focus on reading articles if the text is flashing in your face.

Animations are a no-no

Sure, animations LOOK cool when you, the designer, are loading them up. However, you simply can’t have them on a website unless they are crucial to the success of the site. The mark of good web design Dubai is elegant simplicity, and if you don’t have this you are going to be in trouble. Having an animated paper plane flying all over the page and blocking out critical text that the user is trying to read is both immature and annoying. It will almost definitely force the user to simply leave the website in search of one that is simpler and therefore better.

In the event that the user likes animations, what if their internet connection is too slow to load it up fully on the first go? A paper plane stuck in the middle of the page is a huge annoyance as well. Try to be as subtle and as elegant as possible with your animations.