Although there is nothing wrong with practicing general law, specializing in a field is good for your profession. It not only increases your knowledge about the field, but also enables you to create a customer base of your known. Depending on your skills, abilities and personal preferences, choose an area out of the following options.

Criminal law

This is one of the most practiced areas in the field. It is concerned with activities that are defined that illegal in the system. You can be a prosecutor and argue on the side of the government or become a defense attorney and take the side of the accused. In general, you will be dealing with various criminal behaviors such as assault, murder, theft, rape, vandalism, etc.

Real estate law

This practice is concerned with land ownership. As a real estate lawyer, you will be dealing with a various issues such as landlord disputes, tenant rights, construction ownership, litigation, etc. You can either work for the government or commercial sector. Your job requirements are to oversee financial transactions, review land documents and contracts, etc.

Family law

If you do not want to become a real estate lawyer, then try out family law. This area deals with various issues that happen with a family content. You will be required to deal with matters such as divorce, adoption, custody, child welfare, etc. These attorneys need to possess good communication and interpersonal skills since they deal with extremely sensitive issues. You can either work for a firm or even offer your services to your clients independently.

Corporate law

This is a field that is practiced quite commonly. This is not only because it is more lucrative than others, but also due to the fact that it is easy to get employed in this particular field. You can either work for firm and handle the issues of its clients or start a practice of your own. You will basically have to oversee the legal aspects of an organization’s administration. This involves all responsibilities from the formation of the company to the dissolution. Your work will revolve around the company’s mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations and disputes.

International law

This area of practice is concerned with the environment and public health. Environmental attorneys deal with issues such as waste disposal, resource management, land disputes and curbing of pollution. They can represent either government agencies, individual/private organizations or individuals.

Remember that rules and regulations differ from place to another. So, make sure to choose the an area of practice that has a good job market in your place of living.